How did I decide to get my Anxiety and depression under CONTROL?

How did I decide to get my Anxiety and depression under CONTROL?


Let others know how you feel. Which is very hard for me, as i’ve never shared on Social media my down moments. So i get it, it’s tough
Thank you for all the friends that have been taking care of me emotionally via social media and more.


When in depression, take care of your people who need you, though you feel like you’re broken


Learn a new skill. Find out something that’s challenging, this is what I did
I m learning how to edit  videos on youtube. I created this compilation. It’s a test to see if i’m doing a bit ok, so I can continue. Feel free to say any opinion, I wont’ be offended as I’m learning

Here’s my editing skill, not the best but i tried to edit some of my National TV appearances in FranceCanal plus

Step 4:

All though you may feel like getting better, be careful of giving your power to people who may say hurtful things to you. Stay away and don’t engage in that.


SeeK a professional help if you see that your’e going more down and not up. Even ER can help you get stable, so always consult with a professional. Everyone has a different reaction and sometimes meditation is not enough.  there’s even an article to describe “HOW TO MEDITATE   is not enough.I’m only sharing my own experience, and techniques, so since everyone is different.

Step 6:

If someone is judging you, you’ll have to stay away even if they are close to you, as it’s dangerous to be mistreated by the ones you love when things aren’t looking so bright. This shouldn’t happen anyway if they love you, family, extended family, close friends, you name it. They should know you enough and support you.


Volunteer somewhere fun, churches and more such as SGI buddhism bellairchurch Tony Robbins, schools, anything that inspires you within your community

here’s an article for Community volunteer work  and abilities Giving to others, allows us to get out of our head. Potentially, silence the head voice, and meet new people that can inspire us to feel better.

Step 8:

Be with kids or #animals as they can make you laugh and have fun. Something is very therapeutic and calms emotions to be surrounded with innocence and love. Both kids and animals require you to put all your attention on them, like that you’ll stop the voices, if you like Joel Osteen, he elaborates on the voices in your head or what we call stories that control our behavior.

Step 9:

Make sure to pick a sport like swimming, or so, just to keep your body moving, dancing, singing, drawing, makeup,model, songwriting whatever it is that can distract you. it’s not about being a perfect dancer but to be free and channel your emotions to feel more positive vibe.


Take a walk in #nature, Trees are healing, These are most of the steps i myself use, of course everyone is different. walking outside is relaxing as well, and nature provides oxygen which is very important. Staring at nature or objects far away, can be also healing, as this technique is used by a lot of people.

Email me:  comments or thoughts to help others, as they would love to hear your own experience, as sometimes one word can virtually save a soul and make a difference.


Disclaimer: All of the above is based on a personal experience or other people's personal experience, I have witnessed. Please know I'm not a therapist or a doctor. This is just to share the tips that potentially can help you get a control of your anxiety. Everyone is different, if you need medical care, please refer to a professional.