My Single “ICE CREAM” hits number 1 on King Spin Charts

As we are getting close to the summer heat, Marie Parie is getting ready to cool us down with her catchy tune and some ‘Ice Cream‘. DJs are really digging this tune and jumped straight to Number 1 in the King of Spins radio chart. This is a great way to bring the heat to the dance floor thanks to the best djs in the world, who have been a big support.

It’s known that music is virtually healing, and dancing potentially reduces stress as well. So, if you’re looking for a way to relax or unwind, Marie Parie has got something to cool us down, and get you re-centered as you go through your day. As they say, life is a journey, thus enjoy every moment of it.

A big thank you to all the djs and radios who have been supporting “ice cream


Marie Parie - Ice Cream - KOS.

Marie Parie – Ice Cream – KOS.